Natty Nutrition helped turn me into a champion!

October 6, 2016

"As a personal trainer I’m always setting new goals to challenge myself within the fitness industry. When I decided to take up bodybuilding, with the referral from a colleague, I decided to work with Natty Nutrition for all my contest prep needs. They have been absolutely amazing throughout the entire prep! Helping me with everything from proper nutrition, to posing, to cardio and workout guidance and advice. Jason who is an IFBB Pro is loaded with training techniques and tips to really add muscle! Stephaney is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced with nutrition and show prep! Her patience and kindness is mirrored by her incredible dedication and work ethic and her positivity is contagious! She’s always respectful but firm, she holds the client accountable when needed, and she’s always prepared to fix an unexpected event or struggle. I really don’t think I would have been as successful as I have been in competitions if I had attempted this on my own. Not only did Natty Nutrition help turn me into a champion but I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge on contest prep. I enjoyed the entire process of the prep so much and I owe it all to Stephaney, Jason, and Natty Nutrition!"

--Joe  M

NMA Mr. Cleveland Bodybuilding Competition - Men's Physique - 9/24/16 - 1st Place, Overall Winner, Pro Card Awarded


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