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    Natty Nutrition is family-owned company with a mission to help others become the best version of themselves. It was started in 2008 by Jason and Stephaney Theobald – a happily married couple who shares the passion of nutrition and helping others achieve their goals. Both Stephaney and Jason have years of experience in nutrition, training and physique competition and pride themselves on not only being knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, but also on their extraordinary level of service. Each client gets the individual attention and support he/she deserves!

    In August of 2010 the first official staff member was brought on in order to help as many people as possible while still maintaining Natty’s excellent level of customer service. In the following years more consultants have been brought on to help with the ever-growing client demand and over the years the combined team has helped thousands of clients achieve amazing results. Jason has since spun off with Scooby Prep to cater to elite athlete and physique competitors, while Natty continues to focus on the every day man or woman just looking to get fit and healthy, as well as those who are curious about competing and just getting started. Scroll down to learn more about the team:


    Meet The Team 

    stephaney theobald

    SPECIALTY: general nutrition, athletics, and Bikini/Figure/Physique competition preparation


    Ashley Marshall

    SPECIALTY: general nutrition, endurance athletics and helping busy moms lose the baby weight

    Zeb Crawford

    SPECIALTY:: general nutrition, strength training, weight loss, supplementation, living a balanced lifestyle

    Darlene Taylor

    SPECIALTY: general nutrition, athletes, Bikini/figure/physique competition preparation, body imagine coaching/counseling, fitness training

    Julie Patton

    SPECIALTY: fitness training.  IN-HOME resistance training workouts