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    Natty Nutrition and its sister company, Scooby Prep, have helped many people get to the root of metabolic and gut issues that traditional medicine can’t seem to identify or treat. Scooby Prep’s owner even took the next step and earned a certificate in functional nutrition from the Northwestern Health Sciences University by taking 48 hours of education, passing all four exams, spanning systemic inflammation, gut health, toxicity and the endocrine systems.  Functional Nutrition/Medicine looks to treat the ENTIRE body, rather than just one ailment or issue with pharmaceuticals.  

    This page is dedicated to making people aware that Functional Medicine exists and that there are NATURAL remedies to help address issues that the traditional medical community seeks to treat with pharmaceuticals.   

    If you suspect you suffer from gut dysbiosis (including, but not limited to, IBS, IBD, SIBO, H. pylori, GERD, acid reflux or colitis etc.), systemic inflammation, hormonal imbalances or metabolic dysfunction Jason from Scooby Prep can be hired to help with those issues. He will apply a holistic approach incorporating a metabolic detox, improving digestion, reducing inflammation to revamping hormones through natural supplementation and/or dietary manipulations.

    To hire Jason for functional nutrition issues please CLICK HERE.  Or you can email him at Jason@scoobyprep.com if you have questions. You can also follow the link below to explore medical grade supplements that help address your issues naturally and holistically.

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