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Creatine Select with Beta Alanine

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Made By: Beverly International


What: CREATINE SELECT is a scientifically advanced formulation combining the most studied, bioavailable and proven form of creatine in the world reinforced by β-alanine, electrolyte-bound phosphates and cinnamon bark extract.

Each ingredient in new CREATINE SELECT has been tested and reviewed for purity and carefully balanced for maximum pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic impact. Finally, Beverly's R&D scientists left no stone unturned in making CREATINE SELECT the very best tasting formula of its kind!

Who: CREATINE SELECT is intended for use by men and women who work out with weights (resistance exercise) in an effort improve their physique; or who wishes to improve their performance in any other kind of high-intensity exercise such as mixed martial arts, sprinting, interval training, etc.

Why: Creatine Select will allow you to train harder with greater intensity and recover faster using the most studied, bioavailable (near 100%) and proven form of creatine in the world bolstered by β-alanine, electrolyte-bound phosphates and cinnamon bark extract..

New and stronger CREATINE SELECT supports the fastest possible improvements in the appearance and performance of your physique by tackling the principal causes of premature muscle fatigue during high-intensity exercise. These causes most commonly result in a decline in muscle force, shortening velocity and power, all of which CREATINE SELECT helps delay.

Each ingredient has been tested and reviewed for purity and carefully balanced for maximum pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic impact. Finally, Beverly's R&D scientists left no stone unturned in making CREATINE SELECT the very best tasting formula of its kind!

New CREATINE SELECT contains ingredients that published scientific studies suggest may safely promote (where ↑ = "increase" and ↓ = "decrease"):

↑ plasma creatine (>15-fold)
↑ muscle creatine and phosphocreatine (up to 40%)
↑ muscle carnosine (up to 40%)
↑ plasma and erythrocyte phosphate
↑ mitochondrial function
↑ ATP resynthesis
↑ delay of muscle failure
↓ sensations of fatigue
↑ muscle force
↑ muscle shortening velocity
↑ muscle mean and peak power
↑ anaerobic work capacity (up to 3x more than with creatine alone)
↑ total lifting volume (>25%)
↑ lifting repetitions (>20%)
↑ lean body mass (1-2 lb)
↑ muscle cross-sectional area (size) (within 6 days)
↓ fat mass (body fat) (within 6 days)
↑ maximal oxygen uptake
↑ muscle cell hydration
↑ insulin sensitivity (immediate effects)
↑ glucose disposal
↑ blood glucose control
↑ antioxidant protection
↑ cognitive function
↑ positive mood (anti-depressive action)

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