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    Monthly Renewal (in person)

    If you've purchased a base package and want to continue working with Natty Nutrition you may add an additional month with this service.





    NOTE: Renewals do not include a full meal plan build out. We will provide you with your calorie and macronutrient totals and breakdown when changes are necessary but you will be required to build out your own meal plan using our new Online Diet Calculator (included in package) - UNLESS you purchase the "Meal Plan Build Out" add-on, in which case we will build out your meal plan for you.

    If you've purchased a base package and want to continue working with Natty Nutrition you may add an additional month with this service.

    Our monthly fee includes the same service you've experienced with your base package. You will continue to receive guidance on training, recommendations on supplementation, plus monitoring from a Natty Nutrition Specialist. You will also continue to get changes to your meal plan macronutrients AS NEEDED and your Natty Nutrition Specialist, though you are required to build your own meal plan based on the numbers given by your Natty Nutrition Specialist (unless you purchase the additional "Diet Build Out" service)

    Most communication is still done online via email with weekly reports, bi-weekly pictures and unlimited email communication - however you get ONE in person meeting for each additional month you purchase (body measurements will be taken at each meeting). Phone calls are NOT included in this plan but can be added for an additional fee.

    *NOTE: your package extends a month out from the LAST DAY of your current plan. It does NOT extend out from the date you pay.

    **Please be aware that the monthly fee is paying for your Specialist's TIME, NOT for a new meal plan - you will likely not receive a new meal plan every month. Your Specialist will monitor your progress and make changes as necessary. Your meal plan only changes when your body NEEDS it, which is based on the discretion of your Natty Nutrition Specialist.

    **By clicking SUBSCRIBE and submitting your information you agree to the following statement: "I authorize Natty Nutrition, LLC, or agent, to charge my credit card in the amount of $150 each month until I cancel (see below how to cancel). If my credit card payment is declined my membership may be cancelled immediately and I will be responsible for a processing fee of $30 paid by an alternate method."

    ***To cancel your membership you can click the UNSUBSCRIBE button on this page and follow the instructions (though you must have a Paypal account to do so) OR you can contact Natty Nutrition directly by emailing Stephaney@nattynutrition.com and requesting cancellation.

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