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    SPECIALTY:  Fitness Training. Julie specializes in teaching people how to complete IN-HOME resistance training workouts when they are unable to access a gym or heavy lifting equipment. She can show you how to get sore with minimal equipment or a full gym!  She does not operate out of a specific gym, but either hosts people “in-house” or can negotiate coming to you (depending on location!)

    HOMETOWN: Union, KY


    Licensed Registered Nurse: Diploma from Christ Hospital School of Nursing

    International Sports Sciences Association Fitness Trainer Certification

    BACKGROUND: To see my journey through Natty Nutrition view my original testimonial by clicking here: http://www.nattynutrition.com/pages/Blog/entry/73/   -Working with Natty as a CLIENT has really changed my life. I began the process in my early 30s, and up to that point I had never really been athletic or involved in sports. Any exercise I had done was primarily cardio based. I found that HEAVY resistance training changed my body in ways that I, now a mother of four, never thought possible. I truly want to  share the knowledge I’ve gained and help other people achieve their fitness goals. I especially  want WOMEN to see that when done correctly, HEAVY or INTENSE  resistance training (whether with weights or bands) will not bulk you up. It actually helps you look LEANER and slimmer!

    Email: Julie@nattynutrition.com