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    Base Package - In Person
    This package includes a CUSTOM nutrition plan, guidance on training, recommendations on supplementation, plus monitoring from a Natty Nutrition Specialist. YOU WILL BE RANDOMLY ASSIGNED TO AN AVAILABLE SPECIALIST


    Face to Face Consultation

    Face to Face Consultation


    Monthly Renewal (in person)

    If you've purchased a base package and want to continue working with Natty Nutrition you may add an additional month with this service.



    Mental Health Consultation

    Mental Health Consultation for those who struggle with body image or their relationship with food.  We help both competitors and non-competitors. In-person or Skype sessions

    $350 (8 sessions)


    $50 /session


    We at Natty Nutrition (“Natty”) believe in a balanced diet and exercise program for general fat loss, athletic training or weight gain purposes. What makes us unique is that the diets we create are completely customized to each individual client – there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to losing weight or getting in shape. For each client we do an individual assessment and then build a complete nutrition and fitness plan based on things like goals, activity level, body type, age, etc. Then Natty stays in constant contact with you to ensure you are meeting your goals. We believe that communication, support, and accountability are KEYS to SUCCESS!

    Natty can teach you how to properly combine macronutrients (proteins, carbs, and fats) to maximize your muscle gain or fat loss goals. We can teach you how to most effectively incorporate cardio and weight training to receive maximum benefits from efficient workouts so that you are not spending hours upon hours at the gym. We can also advise you on how to properly use dietary supplements to help you reach your goals. Natty believes simple is better so we tend to minimize the suggested supplements and only recommend those that will TRULY provide benefits to your overall plan.

    Natty also specializes in the “Natty Diet” and the “Non-Diet Diet”. The Natty Diet will teach you how to control your insulin levels to feed muscle and starve the fat all while dieting on more carbs than you once thought possible. Timing and some simple supplements make this possible. The “Non-Diet Diet” is typically for those who are new to dieting and it allows you to eat foods you enjoy while still getting lean! On both diets you will eat more than you probably have in the past, but will quickly learn that you must FEED the body to lose fat!

    Natty does work with clients from around the globe, so no matter where you live you can experience our outstanding service and results. If you are local to the Cincinnati area we’d love to meet you in person – but the majority of our clientele is out of town and everything is done through email and pictures.

    If you need further assurances please check out the testimonials our clients have sent us – don’t just take our word for it, take our clients’. We are a no-ego business, so we don’t do much self-promoting; we let our clients speak for us.