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    Custom Running Schedule

    This includes a custom running schedule for 3 months



    You will receive a customized daily running/training/workout calendar that will be tailored towards the event for which you are training. This calendar may include races we've scouted out around your local area which would supplement training and gauge your progress. You will also receive monitoring and adjustments to training as needed. If you want an in-person one-time consult to get you started there will be an additional fee.

    The schedule will cover a 3 month span. If you need 6 months, please purchase TWO of these, 9 months purchase 3, etc.

    ***Marathoners: It should be noted that for OPTIMAL performance and Natty guidance, proper marathon training should truly be for 6 months prior to the marathon. This package is BEST SUITED for runners who have a base of 20-30 miles per week. Though beginners can purchase this package AND finish a marathon successfully, it will leave you room for improvement for your next one!

    ***Non-Marathoners: This package/plan would be tailored to fit the corresponding event for which you are training.

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