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Natty Nutrition realizes that often times a person's ability to reach their physical goals go beyond just having a grasp on proper nutrition and working out. Many times our clients also face deeper mental or emotional issues that prohibit them from making the changes they know need to happen. This is why we brought on a mental health professional skilled in cognitive behavorial therapy to give our clients the opportunity to approach their transformations from all angles. We are pleased to welcome Kyle Linnemann to the Natty Nutrition family. Here are some words from Kyle himself that explain what he can do for you:

"Do you find yourself constantly trying to lose weight but never being able to achieve it? Do you know you need to eat more but you're scared to do it? Do you feel nervous, tense, sad, ashamed, guilty, or angry and find that these feelings cause problems with your relationships with yourself or with others? Often deep-rooted feelings about past issues can manifest into unhealthy relationships with food, poor self-image, or other unwanted behaviors or feelings. If any of these problems are familiar to you, you may think things will never change and you will always feel this way.

I often help people with these problems gain an understanding of why they feel the way they do and how to feel better. We will work together to investigate and get a handle on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so that you can spend more time being happy and relaxed and feel more in control of your behavior. You will be heard and understood in my office and you will not be judged.

I am skilled in using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and other evidence based approaches to help those dealing with these issues. Research on CBT has proven repeatedly that it is effective in decreasing the intensity, duration, and frequency of emotional and behavioral problems. It operates under the premise that human beings are not disturbed by events or situations, but by the views we take of these events and situations. I believe that in order for you to feel better and improve behaviors, you must learn to be aware of and understand your thought patterns contributing to the way you feel and behave.

Once you've explored and understood your thought patterns and how they are related to your feelings and behaviors, you can begin to challenge the unhealthy ones. When thought patterns are not the primary cause of suffering, it is necessary to work with a therapist to develop other coping skills, such as relaxation training, mindfulness, problem solving skills, and interpersonal effectiveness skills. Working with an experienced psychotherapist can help you learn to identify, challenge, and replace unhealthy thought patterns as well as gain coping skills. It's amazing how learning these skills can directly and positively impact your relationship with food, your self-image and consequently your relationships with others.

I enjoy helping people to feel safe and secure discussing their thoughts and feelings. I love watching people learn more about themselves, change their perspectives, solve their problems, and improve their lives."


Mental Health Individual Counseling - Initial Session


Mental Health Counseling - Initial Session
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The initial session (in person OR virtually via Skype) is for one person for the length of 60 minutes. All followup visits are 50 minutes and $80 p...

Mental Health Individual Counseling - Followup Session


Mental Health Individual Counseling - Followup Session
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To purchase a followup session (in person OR virtually via Skype) you MUST have completed an initial session with Kyle Linnemann. Followup vis...

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