It feels good to help motivate someone else!

Del DeVera

January 9, 2018

"Stephaney, thank you again! Without your guidance and expertise, I would never have achieved this type of transformation. When I show my friends and family, they are like wow, that is amazing! A few of our friends are now Inquiring about Natty and how we were able to do it. It also feels good to help motivate someone else by showing that with the right coach (knowledge and system and motivation) and a lot of discipline, it can be done. So thanks a million again and you have definitely changed our lives! I am looking forward to our trip in our new and improve physiques. Just want to get through it without too much food /drink temptation and weight gain... After that, am also looking forward to taking the next step in my goal of achieving a six pack and lowering my body fat percentage."


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