"Looking back to where I was... it's still a little surreal"

Ryan Hughes 6 month transformation

November 1, 2016

There are many things people tell you when you start a business and I've been fortunate to receive some of the best advice from people I'd regard as the smartest people in business. However, with my 7 years of experience on a rollercoaster ride that lead us to Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in America, I'm adding a new piece of advice to the table; hire Natty Nutrition.

Building a business is hard. There's no doubt about that and I don't think anyone would ever disagree. Prioritizing your own health is even harder. After years of de-prioritizing my own physical health, I made the decision to do something about it and thus began my journey with Natty Nutrition.

When we got started, I was fully prepared to have a boring diet of chicken and rice because that's what you do, right? Nope. I was pleasantly surprised with all of the ways I was able to maintain a proper diet and not really feel like I had to sacrifice anything. Stephaney was also incredibly helpful in educating me along the way and helping me deal with the inevitable variables that would arise.

It wasn't long before the diet and workout routine I had begun felt less like an add-on to my life and more like my lifestyle. I quickly found myself with a ton more energy and mental sharpness than I had before; an unexpected byproduct of eating clean. And I found everything in my closet -- literally everything -- growing in size and soon beyond remote capability of wearing.

Looking back to where I was 6 months ago from today, it's still a little surreal. I've made a ridiculous change in my physique all while maintaining a normal lifestyle and feeling better in my everyday life. I definitely don't think I could have achieved these results without the help of Natty Nutrition and they'll definitely be a staple in my ongoing journey.

--Ryan H.


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