"Looking back to where I was... it's still a little surreal"

November 1, 2016

There are many things people tell you when you start a business and I've been fortunate to receive some of the best advice from people I'd regard as the smartest people in business. However, with my 7 years of experience on a rollercoaster ride that lead us to Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in America, I'm adding a new piece of advice to the table; hire Natty Nutrition.

Building a business is hard. There's no doubt about that and I don't think anyone would ever disagree. Prioritizing your own health is even harder. After years of de-prioritizing my own physical health, I made the decision to do something about it and thus began my journey with Natty Nutrition.

When we got started, I was fully prepared to have a boring diet of ch...

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Natty Nutrition helped turn me into a champion!

October 6, 2016

"As a personal trainer I’m always setting new goals to challenge myself within the fitness industry. When I decided to take up bodybuilding, with the referral from a colleague, I decided to work with Natty Nutrition for all my contest prep needs. They have been absolutely amazing throughout...

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"I did not feel starved or exhausted...so different from competitors around me"

April 7, 2016

"Stephaney was great throughout the entire bikini prep process, and coached me to a successful first show.  She was able to answer all of my questions and gave really constructive feedback whenever I needed it.  It was great to have a coach there to keep me accountable!  The traini...

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I feel better at 37 than I did at 27!

January 7, 2016

I know all successful people at one time or another have a coach or an expert in their corner to help guide them on the right path to reach their goals and to gain an outsider’s perspective of what works and what does not work. With that in mind, I found Stephaney with Natty Nutrition and k...

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I had my work cut out for me this time...

October 21, 2015

Even though the process worked after 2 previous pregnancies (you can view my other 2 testimonials here http://nattynutrition.com/pages/Blog/entry/77/ and here http://www.nattynutrition.com/pages/Blog/entry/98/) and no matter how many times I saw clients succeed, the phrases still haunted me:...

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